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Our Story

McPartland Toolson is a 40-year story with thousands of clients. From this experience, we have witnessed the real results of many products and strategies; where they fail and succeed.  We've learned that "how" a product is used is the most important part of any plan and that no one Advisor has all the answers.

We are a team of specialists working together to implement the strategies that create the most significant and consistent results for clients. Simply put, our clients increase their retirement income, increase safety, and decrease their tax liability.

Our Team
Terry McPartland

Graduating from Washington State, Terry went on to be the General Agent for Northwestern Mutual and later for Guardian Life. Terry's agencies consistently placed in the top 5 with over 100 agents at any one time under his direction.


Terry and his wife LuAnne have seven children and several grandchildren. Terry loves being with family and friends and enjoys golf, skiing, college football, hiking, and reading. He loves history with a special focus on Frontier history. You can often find him planning road trips to catch every historical site of significance along the way.​  Read Terry's full Bio

Andy Toolson

Andy Toolson first obtained his financial services licensing in 1990.  After an 11 year professional basketball career in the NBA and Europe, and 4 years of coaching at the Division 1 level, Andy decided to transition full time into financial advisory, and has since worked as a VP/Financial Consultant at Charles Schwab and Company, Key Investment Services, and Cambria Capital, as well as running his own firm, Toolson and Company, before joining forces with Terry McPartland.

He has been married to his wife Holly for the last 32 years and they are very proud of their 6 children and 5 grandchildren.


Ryan Headshot photo_edited.jpg
Ryan Clark

Real Estate, Retirement Cash Flow

Greg Black


Starting in Real Estate at age 18, Ryan began "flipping" homes. This led him to Mortgage lending but he found a greater passion for teaching financial concepts.  Soon after, he joined Guardian and from 2008-2011 was consistently a top producer.

In 2015 he authored his own book, The Order of Wealth which teaches how building wealth has three steps: Control, Capitalize and Invest.

Ryan is also the founder of Qube Money, a banking and budgeting system modeled after Cash Envelope Budgeting which received a patent in 2021 for its unique method.   

Starting in the financial industry in 2006 after graduating from Brigham Young University, he worked with Guardian & Park Avenue Securities from 2006-2012. 

Greg values great relationships. When sitting down with Greg people quickly notice his enthusiasm to learn from them and to listen to what their experiences have taught them. The strength of his business is that he enjoys people. He also enjoys sharing through books, articles, web programs, and workshops what his experience has taught him.

Greg is the founder of Tencap, a registered investment advisor in the state of Utah.

Read Greg's full Bio

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